QMP at Social Media Week India

QMP at Social Media Week India

They call it the biggest Social Media gathering. QMP Global  has attended this year’s Social Media Week ( SMW) in Bangalore. So, how does a  firm leverage its presence in Social Media to drive the bottom line indicators  ? Is social media just an alternative or another vertical in marketing for  brands ? Well, we at QMP Global think it is more than just a marketing & advertising tool.

Social media can help brands gauge the response of consumers  as more and more consumers are taking to Social media platforms to connect .  This could be positive feedback or even negative at times. Unlike 2 decades ago  when Brand’s had to engage focus groups to gain consumer insights, Social Media  today is making it easier for brands to build traction and connect with their  consumers 24/7.

Whether your brand is selling a product, service or just  promotion, social media platforms are revolutionizing the way brands are now  looking at taking their message across. What is path breaking is how  brand’s can measure their activity in comparison to their competition on social  media . This not only helps the brand stay focused but also target their  campaigns in a much better fashion.

But as much as it seems like “DO IT YOURSELF” , we would  like to stress the importance of engaging specialists to manage BRAND presence  in Social Media across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the  likes. There is something about knowing which gender in which age group likes  your content and what kind of preferences they have. A post about a gaming  platform which is primarily liked my males in the age group of 18-25 may not be  as appealing to a target group of females in the age group of 35-50. Are you  sending the same message in social media across all the platforms ? Are you  sure the same viewers who like to see a message on Linkedin would appreciate  the message on Facebook also ?

Make sure you have a dedicated specialist team to handle our  social media management . If FACEBOOK is a country, you would definitely want  to hold a passport of it.

Write to us at to know more about how to build a strategy in the dynamic world of social  media.

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