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Entask Consutancy Services Pvt Ltd; a leading MEPS consultancy company who cater to the needs of architectural, construction and infrastructure development required a complete rebranding initiation and process.

With the end goal of attracting a new breed of design savvy and upscale demographic clientele, they approached QMP.

A refined and restructured logo, large scale graphics, photoshoots and an iconic palate along with a complete comprehensive brand manual were some of the deliverables QMP executed to perfection. Strategic surveys, employee interviews, healthy brainstorming discussion and understanding our clients and their clientele helped build our strategy and ultimately correlating to the brands successful revamp.

Entask’s new identity firmly positioned them well within and even over their competition, establishing a strong foothold. What was always kept in mind was to never deviate from the brands original character and the principality it was built on.